‘Standing for Fairness’ is our policy for ensuring equality in all our work.

At People, we pride ourselves on encouraging each other to expand our thinking, nurture human connections and grow.

Every live experience can give people the magic of the unexpected, the connection of an instant community, and the inspiration to do things differently.

We know that each of our events sends a message, and we use our work to challenge assumptions and share empowering representations of human beings and what we can achieve. Our events communicate the importance of a world where
everyone can pursue their ambitions and happiness, free from prejudice.

We produce shared experiences that include – uniting audiences while respecting and celebrating their diversity.

We listen, empathise, invite new perspectives, and work for good. Our hiring and casting processes, contracting and projects all reflect a firm commitment to justice and fair opportunities for all people, regardless of nationality, gender, sexuality, disability, class background, ethnicity, faith, or any other aspect of identity.

We are also actively building programmes to encourage people from underrepresented groups to engage with our work and our industry.

Experience has taught us that the most powerful thing we can do is always put people first. That’s the idea behind our name: the idea our company was founded upon. This principle ensures that we always protect our employees, collaborators and audiences from discrimination, and that we work towards better representation and an equal, thriving society for all.

1. People Live Ltd is committed to a policy of treating all its employees and job applicants equally, both in line with the Equality Act 2010 with all subsequent amendments and beyond.

2. No employee, potential employee or other relevant party, i.e. client or people we engage with shall:

a) receive less favourable treatment or consideration on the grounds of age, disability, race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, gender or marital status, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation; or

b) be disadvantaged by any conditions of employment or requirements which cannot be justified as necessary on operational grounds.

3. People Live Ltd will comply with its professional, ethical and legal responsibilities towards their staff, clients, and all of the people we work with in delivering our projects.

4. People Live Ltd will provide equal opportunities to those connected with the business/organisation in order to best serve People Live Ltd’s aims and objectives.

5. There must be no discrimination on account of age, disability, race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, gender or marital status, caste, gender, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation.

6. People Live Ltd will appoint, train, develop and promote on the basis of merit and ability.

7. All employees have personal responsibility for the practical application of People Live Ltd’s equal opportunities policy. All employees are expected to report to their supervisor or line manager behaviour by their colleagues that is contrary to the aims of this policy.

8. Special responsibility for the practical application of the employer’s equal opportunities policy falls upon the staff involved in the recruitment, selection,  promotion and training of employees. These special responsibilities give rise to training, need for which provisions will be made.

9. The employer’s grievance procedure is available to any employee and similarly for contractors who believes that he or she may have been unfairly discriminated against.

10. Disciplinary action will be taken against an employee who is found to have committed an act of unlawful discrimination. Sexual or racial harassment will be treated as gross misconduct.

11. In the case of any doubt or concern about the application of the policy in any particular instance consultation with management or personnel should be sought.